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Paying It Forward Wishes & Heroes  is a judgment-free social media-based community help group and not for profit organization whose mission is to join individuals who are in need with others who want to Pay It Forward and help others in need.  We exemplify the Paying It Forward concept by encouraging our members to help one another, either by granting wishes, supporting one another through tough times or offering assistance to the group that will allow it to grow and therefore be able to offer more local resources to its members.

We here at Paying It Forward Wishes and Heroes have all been there too. We know what it is like to be in need and how difficult it is to ask others for help especially in this day and age where so many criticize and judge you because you are in need. Here at Paying It Forward Wishes and Heroes we have a no criticism, no judgement, no drama policy your wishes are heard and our team of heroes do all that we can to full-fill all genuine  confirmed needs request. Everyone here needs to fill out an application and all wishes are confirmed in advance. Feel Secure In Giving!!!!

Find Your Gift Of Kindness From Within. 

Since starting Paying It Forward Wishes and Heroes back in July,2013 I have been referred to as an angel, a miracle worker and even a superhero but the truth is I'm none of the above. I am human just like you. I've had my ups and downs, my burdens and my sorrows. I know what it is like to struggle and to have to go without. I've been criticized and judged and I know that it hurts. I know when what it is like to face your greatest battles and not know who to turn too. To feel lost that is why in my darkest moment when dealing with yet another loss I asked myself what can I do to make a difference. How can I help others in their darkest hours so I took the things I know how to do best be kind, be strong and use social media to reach out to others and I did and now we encourage everyone we know we you see a friend family member or someone you know going through a hard time. Tell them about us so they too know they have a place to turn, that there are people who care. 

Many people think they can not help others because they have no money. What I want to tell you is that kindness doesn't cost a thing. Just look into your heart ask yourself what do you do best. Maybe its lending an ear and being a friend, maybe it is talking on the phone communication is your skill, maybe it is cooking, cleaning, babysitting, crafting, maybe you know how to paint or tile. Whatever your superpower is you can use it to help others. 

Everyday we have wishes and needs come to us for simple things like a friend, prayers sometimes its for items you may have sitting in your home that you no longer need. Everyone has a need and everyone has a skill and helping others can be as simple as putting your skills to work. An act of kindness that you feel is small to you may be life changing to someone in need. So reach into your heart and use your superpower to make a difference in someone's life today.

Find your inner power by helping others

              Meet Our Founder

                                Tamye Haugen

  •  Look for Tamye's weekly inspirational V-Blog on our You Tube Channel coming this July
  • Family Fun Day for our one year anniversary, Fundraiser, Clothing Giveaway
  • Paying It Forward Ministries-     Inspiring others to do good, create kindness and Pay It Forward in our communities. Tamye Haugen has been ordained as Minister and will be doing motivational speaking and also helping to pay it forward by performing religious ceremonies for those who are in need.  
  • Heat Help- We are currently trying to raise funds to purchase window air units, fans and kiddie pools for families for the summer.
  • School Supply- School Uniform Drive
  • Holiday Help Program- To provide Halloween Costumes for kids, Holiday meals for families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Gifts and stockings for children for Christmas
  • Sponsor A Senior-                               Connecting Members with seniors in their communities to help with companionship and household help
  • Tea Time with Tamye                 Every Friday Themed Support Groups, Online, In Office & Traveling
  • Upcoming Fundraisers & Events   
  •  Free Clothing Giveaway Weekly & Pay what you can afford Thrift Store to raise funds for our programs  
  • Coming Soon Monthly Family Fun Day Event to Celebrate Children's of families in need Birthday's .
  • PIFWAH FARM PROJECT to provide displaced teen girls with a safe place to turn to avoid homelessness. No Kill animal sanctuary.

What's Next

Tamye Haugen
Founder & CEO


Hello I am Tamye Haugen, Founder and CEO of Paying It Forward Wishes and Heroes. Born and raised in Chicago and the South Suburbs. I am adopted and have 6 sisters and 3 brothers total. I come from a tight knit family, who always stand beside each other no matter what. I have had some good times in my life and I have had some bad but at the end of the day no matter what was thrown in my direction I have always made it through. I am what some people would refer to as a born survivor. Many have asked me what inspired me to create this group and to that there is no simple question. I believe helping others even if it means going without yourself is the most important thing. If I can make certain that those that are hungry eat, those who are cold have coats, those who need a friend never have to go without. I know I can't change the world but I can at least try.

Everyday people ask me what makes me so passionate about helping others, what inspires me to be who I have become and the truth is the answer just isn't that simple. I understand that everyone has their own story, that everyone struggles, that everyone has been where those that we are helping are right now and most of them like myself and some of team leaders still are struggling and in need. That is what makes us different, that is what makes us stand out from the rest. We are not just an organization of individuals who went to college to become social workers, our set of guidelines and the help that we provide isn't something that was taken from a book, they come from our life experiences, they come from our hearts. I truly believe that everyone is struggling in some way or another, everyone fights a daily fight that nobody else knows about. I teach my volunteer team not to just look at the surface of a wish but to read into it. What someone truly needs is always buried much deeper. A request for clothing for children seems simple but I can tell you first hand that everyone who has come to my clothing closet for clothing doesn't just take clothes and go they sit, they talk, they share and when they do leave they feel better about themselves because they know they are not alone that there is someone who understands they leave knowing they have a friend who cares. That's what Paying It Forward Wishes and Heroes is all about, creating relationships, creating a safe place to turn to in your time of need. Inspiring others to be kind, helping someone who feels helpless and showing them they have a purpose, they are important and giving them faith and hope for better things to come in the future. Why does all this mean so much to me? That is simple not only was a raised by a wonderful man growing up who no matter what happened always found the bright side, was kind to a fault and would never utter an unkind word about anyone. My father always shows compassion where there normally would be none, always helps others even if it means he had to go without himself. The greatest gifts I have were not inherited by blood, they were taught to me by a man who did not have to my dad but choose to be my father. For those who have not had the chance to meet me yet personally, I am adopted and that is where my story began. Until I was 5yrs old I didn't know I had two moms, two families but then one day my birth mother came to take me back, I was dragged through a long drawn out court battle that ended with my mother who raised me and the family I known taking me home and a new child custody law being established in IL. I guess you can say I was changing the world even as a child without even knowing it as I am certain many children have had better lives due to the precedence set by my court case. I had a mentally ill birth mother and have been effected my mental illness by whole life and effected by suicide in a way that altered my life forever. That is all true and although some people would have you believe that suffering from a mental illness means that you are useless and that you can not live a normal life I can tell you first hand that isn't true. Look at me and all I have been through and look at what I am doing through this group despite that and all that I have become. Having a mental illness DOES NOT  make me any less of a person, it doesn't lessen all that I have and will continue to do. It does not give anyone the right to judge but what I hope you will get from this is the knowledge that I understand mental illness, one of the things that I hope to accomplish through this organization is provide mental health awareness, to show those suffering that they can turn to me. That I understand and I care.  Through out the rest of my life I have lost two siblings to suicide, my birth mother who I was just beginning to get to know as an adult to an accident caused by a drunk driver. I lost my sister due to health problems that had gone undetected and untreated due to the lack of sufficient health care services for the sick and  the poor. I have been a victim of domestic violence, I have been homeless, I have been poor, sick and disabled. I have been married and divorced (3) times  and none of that makes me less of a person. None of anything YOU are going through makes you less of a person. YOU are deserving of caring, compassion, help and understanding without anyone criticizing or judging you. YOU are AMAZING and do not allow what you are going through make you doubt that. You need someone to turn to I AM HERE FOR YOU and always will be. Sure I have been through a lot and NONE of that changes the things that I have done and continue to do everyday to help others. To help the children of those in need so when they grow up they may one day remember that there was someone there to helped them, someone that cared enough to make sure they did not have to go without even if it meant going without themselves. That's what this PIFWAH is all about, showing those who are in need that there are people out there just like me, people who care. People who have been through all of these things and are still here, still fighting and standing strong. If I can live through all that I have and still be here to stand beside you, to help you and to guide you than you can too. " I CAN & SO CAN YOU ".  So when you feel like your are at your darkest hour, when you feel like you are all alone turn to me, turn to all of the wonderful members here at Paying It Forward Wishes and Heroes and we will reach out, we will hold your hand and help pull you out of the darkness and show you the way to light and love. There is always hope, there is always kindness and there is always a reason to fight one more day, turn to me and I will show you how to SURVIVE...There is so much more of  my story to tell, but it isn't about my story its about you, its about yours and it about helping others always.I hope in me sharing my story it will help you know and truly understand that you are not alone.  I hope that you will join us on our journey of Paying It Forward turn to us in your time of weakness and Pay It Forward, help others and grant wishes whenever you can. Remember it doesn't cost a thing to be kind and to change someone's life around forever. If I can do it, you can to. Angel Hugs my friends


  • Online Support Group & Weekly Support Group Meetings
  • Princess for Prom Program
  • Easter Brunch for Families in Need
  • New mom and baby program
  • Senior Support
  • School Supply Drive
  • Keep Cool Program ( Raising Funds to help purchase fans and second hand window air conditioning units)
  • Feeding The Hungry Emergency Food and Necessity Baskets
  • Birthday Baskets for Children 
  • Card Showers 
  • Granting Wishes for the terminally ill, Children and those facing life altering circumstances.
  •  Clothing  Drive
  • ​Crisis Prevention

Helping the Community



Paying It Forward Wishes and Heroes
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